Dress Reform and Physiology


My curlformers debut



I tried culformers for the first time about a week ago and I must say I was impressed!  The curls came out looking really good – they actually looked like they had been achieved using heat.  It took me 45 minutes (I timed myself) to put the curlformers on my hair.  I washed and deep conditioned as usual and then applied Organic Root Stimulator Moisturising Hair Lotion and a bit of coconut oil.  I then put the hair in curlformers.

The curlformers are actually very easy to use. In my opinion they are easier than traditional rollers which require that the hair be straight and taut on the rollers.  With curlformers you just pull the hair through with the hook and that’s it.  I’m sure with practice I will soon have it down to 30 minutes.  I also had a spray bottle with water at hand to make sure the…

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Women of Proverbs 31

And God said it was not good for man to be alone so he created you.
But somewhere along the line someone changed
your perspective, shifted your view.
Like Eve, you listened to the wrong voice, took a huge tasty bite of deception.
Now your stomach’s upset because your spirit won’t digest it.
No longer the woman that walks in the confidence of ultimate artistic design,
submit your name change, we’ll call you compromise.
We are content with not looking like anyone else because
we know our differences are not a reason to be jealous but gods fingerprint.
Slow to speak, quick to listen, receiving intervention from a higher dimension
seeking purpose watching our god given visions
come to fruition never forgetting that we have been forgiven much.
Yes, we are beautiful and barefoot in the kitchen of grace, pregnant with purpose, making up praise Jesus is who we crave.
Awaiting to come to full term so we can deliver back what has been deposited.
Knowing good and well one day we all with be audited.
Mercy gives a second chances so we ain’t received what we ought to get.
We needed an intervention, Christ came to do lost prevention.
On the cross he was stretched and fully extended and
we were given an extension. Hear me, an extension.
Hear me, cause this price was worth far more than your finest Indian Remy.
I know we can change the things we don’t like off with simple cost,
but botox, lipo, and implants ain’t got nothing on
what was accomplished on that cross.
You can’t implant in yourself a new spirit or lipo-suck away your sin,
you can’t lap-band your addictions and you can’t botox away your depression.
Be she of the ultimate prototype , of Proverbs 31 to be exact.
Don’t be afraid of what’s abstract, let the spirit of god be what attracts.
We are women of a different Composition, this world we will impact.
We are women of a different Blue Print of Proverbs 31 to be exact.

 -adapted from  Janet Status 31